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Serving through Jacksonville, Florida, Water's Edge stands as your premier maritime services partner. Our range of specialized offerings includes expert line handling, efficient cargo transport, and precise port coordination. Our seasoned team prioritizes safety, ensuring vessels are securely moored, cargo is transported seamlessly, and port activities are meticulously managed. Committed to tailored excellence and operational support, Water's Edge is your trusted choice for maritime consultation, vessel agency services, and more. Experience reliability and efficiency in every maritime venture with Water's Edge leading the way.

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Line Handling

Ensure smooth and efficient operations with our expert line handling services for cargo vessels.

    Efficient berthing and unberthing;
    Safe and secure mooring;
    Experienced and skilled line handlers.

Launch Services

Reliable launch services for crew transfers, provisions, and equipment delivery to and from cargo vessels.

    Efficient crew transfers;
    Provisions and equipment delivery;
    Safe and reliable launches.

Port Coordination

Our team coordinates port activities to ensure seamless operations and timely departures for cargo vessels.

    Efficient port coordination;
    Optimized turnaround times;
    Timely departures.


We provide the safest and cheapest containerized cargo transportation trains locally and internationally.

    Multimodal compatibility;
    Less subject to fuel surcharges;
    100% punctual.

Water's Edge Marine - Ensuring Your Cargo Is Safe and Ready to Launch!

We guarantee that our clients experience the most secure and timely service for all marine cargo line handling and launch needs.

    Maritime Transport License

    Harbor Commission Registration

    Marine Safety Compliance Certificate

Water's Edge Marine offers specific, comprehensive marine services tailored to meet each client's unique challenges, vessels, and systems since 1983.

Numerous companies with varied and complex marine handling and launch requirements trust our advanced technologies in delivering comprehensive, cost-effective marine solutions.

    Our MissionWe are committed to finding the most suitable and cost-effective methods of preparing and launching your cargo at sea. We strive to be your reliable marine partners.

Water's Edge Marine - Trusted By Prominent Global Maritime Brands

  • Swift & Secure Cargo Handling

    Rest assured about the safety of your marine cargo.

  • Safe Berthing Facilities

    We ensure responsible and secure berthing for your vessels.

  • Launch Tracking System

    Always stay informed about your cargo's launch status.

Combining extensive experience and modern technology, we provide the best results for our clients.

First-Class Marine Services

When partnering with Water's Edge Marine, you can be certain of the timely and secure handling and launching of your marine cargo. We offer the most efficient and safe solutions.
Our aim is to establish long-term relationships with each of our clients and provide unparalleled service. Partnering with us provides you the following advantages:

    Customized solutions;
    Expert handling of all types of marine cargo;
    Experienced and dedicated crews;
    Competitive pricing;
    Coverage across national and international ports.

Sectors We Cater To

Delve deeper into the diverse sectors that form the core operational landscapes for our valued clients. Embracing a multifaceted approach, we cater to the distinctive needs of businesses within the maritime sector, ensuring smooth and secure vessel operations, precise line handling, and efficient port coordination. In the realm of industrial and manufacturing, our services are tailored to optimize logistics, providing seamless cargo transport solutions to facilitate the movement of goods. Additionally, within the intricate domain of oil and gas, we specialize in delivering comprehensive services that contribute to the overall efficiency of operations, from logistical support to strategic planning. Our commitment to understanding and adapting to the unique dynamics of each sector underscores our dedication to providing specialized solutions that align with the diverse requirements of our clients.

Each sector has its unique demands when it comes to marine cargo line handling and launch services. We develop tailored solutions for every client.

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We provide reliable line handling and launch solutions for marine vessels, their spare parts, and materials.

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Oil & Gas

Water's Edge Marine offers comprehensive marine services to meet the complex needs of the oil and gas industry.

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Manufacturing & Industrial

We efficiently handle the secure and punctual line handling and launching of imported and exported marine cargo.

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"Commitment, Superiority, Distinction"Delivering top-tier line handling, launch, and a range of other services to cater to all your marine needs.

Talk to our experts to learn more about our solutions.

Our Process at Water's Edge Marine

Step-by-step Overview of Our Marine Services



We kick off the process with an initial discussion to understand your marine cargo line handling and launch needs. This helps us tailor our services to suit your unique requirements.


Service Planning

Following the consultation, we meticulously plan the handling and launching of your marine cargo. Safety, efficiency, and timeliness are our top priorities during this stage.



With everything in place, our crew takes over the line handling and launch of your cargo. Rest assured, our experienced team ensures smooth operation every step of the way.


Post Support

After your vessel is launched, we continue to provide support. Our tracking allows you to check the status, and we're available 24/7 for any support you may need.

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Our experts ensure efficient and reliable marine line handling and launch services. We offer the following benefits:

    Expert handling of all marine cargo types;
    A dedicated and experienced crew;
    Marine Insurance for all services;
    Launch Tracking System;
    24/7 support;
    Dock facilities for loading and unloading.

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  • All Marine Solutions

    Extensive services for all your marine line handling and launch needs.

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    100% Insured

    Fully covered by insurance for total peace of mind during all operations.

  • Easy Payment Methods

    Offering convenient and secure payment options to suit your needs.